How To Sell CBD On Reddit

Nathan Hague is a British Australian software entrepreneur, who specializes in marketing software-as-a-service (SaaS). His Team focus primarily on automation and letting companies enjoy bigger profits from focusing on what they do best (sell!), and less on the admin “grind” end of their business.

As an example of Hague and this Team’s work: Through AI and robotic process automation, he has saved companies such as one US company, 100+ hours a month – reduced down to less than 15 minutes per day.

Hague and his Team at AustraliaWOW! also created his WOWQ software that also allows companies to maintain compliance with US and European privacy laws (GDPR and CCPA). Using his WOWQ software, a company can safely build their email lists and even sell products and services in high-risk categories WITHOUT being exposed to legal action from data privacy legal professionals and Gov. Departments.

While Nathan is across all emerging new technologies and marketing techniques, he maintains that one of the most under-utilized channels for marketers, brands and companies are YouTube and Reddit – as well as true blackhat SEO.

“Zig when everyone else is zagging: Everyone these days is competing on Facebook and it’s properties such as Instagram and Whatsapp – which is where they should be advertising. But most companies and brands usually neglect having a very visual medium like video, because it’s considered much harder and much more expensive to produce video content. Nothing could be further from the truth. With the availability of cameras as good as in the iPhone range, everyone can create compelling and engaging content that ultimately leads a prospect to the sale with you, and lets them spread your message easily with the power of visual story telling that only video can give them.”

Hague continues:

“Reddit is on track too, to have more monthly users than both Twitter and Pinterest COMBINED. Reddit presents a HUGE missed opportunity for marketers and brands, as they usually treat is as Facebook – and crash and burn spectacularly. Reddit has a wealth of interested and motivated Users – and if you tap into the right subreddits, you can easily make sales WITHOUT getting shut down. Also too, consider using Reddit ads as VERY cheap retargeting traffic to your other PPC platforms such as Facebook and Google. Not many people know you can run native ads in Reddit, but you can – and you target the very people your product or service is aimed towards!”

Nathan has two courses for YouTube and Reddit, and both have 5 star reviews from all the people that have taken them.

His BlackHat service is on a case-by-case basis if you want to reach out to him.