Facebook Ad Strategies – Aaron Nosbisch

Aaron Nosbich dropping some ūüĒ• on Facebook Ad Strategies!

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Here’s the deal with Facebook and Instagram Facebook and Instagram has more data than every other company except Google and they have some of the most Superior AI technology think even may be superior to Google. I’m not positive about that one.

And what that what that means is you have to think when I think about Facebook and extreme advertising I think about Facebook and Instagram school as a company their goal is to provide excellent content to users so that they stay on their platforms won.

Their second goal is to have excellent¬†Advertising Partners will spend lots amount of money on their platform.¬†Now those two goals are very connected.¬†And the reason is if you want to have big advertising Partners on¬†your platform that’s been a lot of money,¬†but you don’t want to disrupt your users experience.

Your advertisers need to have excellent content in order to keep users¬†on and it becomes part of the experience many of you probably noticed this¬†as you’re getting better and better the ads are far less interrupting¬†and Far more entertaining¬†and inspirational and educational¬†and so what I do or how I how I think of this is I think branding¬†is almost an aspect of really strong¬†and effective content.

If you can create a modern disruptive gray¬†and that is a key factor in to having Success Through advertising.¬†We backtrack just a bit Facebook¬†and Instagram have got so good about Distributing content that it’s for unless these days about how to tweak your ads to the perfect targeting options¬†and how to have the perfect audience that you’re showing it to it’s really far¬†more about the far more of a distribution platform¬†for content these days and¬†so what that means is the biggest lever¬†for success with Facebook¬†and Instagram advertising is creative and where does creative cover creative is not just your photo.

It’s not just your Binary caption text creative is your brain creative is who you are collectively.¬†What what is that integrated brand experience and how does it fit that content?¬†So I’ll give you let’s think of an example Harley-Davidson,¬†right Harley-Davidson as my mouth agree to go but Harley Davidson is a Cool brand.

It’s a rough and tough branded at-ats power and stuff you’ll and that’s what I think of him.¬†My kid is break integrated branding content experience is video content that¬†reflects that integrated experience that’s shares those values¬†so that way when I get and that way¬†when I give it to Facebook to distribute across to these different¬†audiences that that one Facebook is prioritizing the constant¬†as consumers see it.

They see the integration and they enjoy¬†it and to the consumer so as far as tips on how to be The effective with Instagram and Facebook.¬†I’ll give you number one tip which is have a really effective brand have a really effective brand¬†and create really effective content that content should you¬†video content a way to think in this is pictures¬†and words a word speaks a word of data a photo speaks a thousand words.

Have you ever heard that saying before Marty a photo speaks a thousand words?¬†Yeah many times. It’s a comment City.¬†And so if a phone speaks if a word speaks a word in a photo It speaks a thousand words.¬†How many words does a video at 30 frames per second¬†for 60 seconds long create 1.8 million words¬†what the point is the amounts of content and Infamous of information.¬†You can communicate through a video is exponentially greater than¬†you could ever possibly communicate through a photo¬†and through words focus on video.

So exceptional branding video advertising that’s That’s the first step¬†but then when it comes to targeting¬†and how can you properly position your¬†ads or who you really focus on I’ll give you to kind of Snippets that are¬†really strong that will really kind of help you out.

Number one is if you do have a customer list create look-alike audience,¬†its enrollment your strong creatives to your local like audiences on¬†Facebook the other tip don’t Target anyone the platforms are¬†so smart these days that as long as you have a pixel installed on your site and you just open your targeting up, let’s say you just do United States 18 – 65 men and women all placements, just open no charging at all.

You just give the content to Facebook and you say Space Monkey George my content. Here’s my site. This is who I am you do it and Facebook’s AI is so strong and so smart that it will figure a will automatically figure it out people don’t buy this idea.

And so they don’t try it, but it’s literally my second biggest performance.