Email Types – Chase Dimond

Email marketing done right can boost your sales anywhere from 20-40%! Chase Dimond is the world’s leading CBD email marketing experts.

In the full interview, he goes deep into email marketing beyond some of the basic emails so you definitely want to check it out!

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Chase brings a unique and advantageous perspective to email marketing having experience in almost every aspect of email (from ecommerce email marketing to cold email marketing to even building and scaling email newsletters and everything in-between).

Chase is currently the Co-Founder of Boundless Labs — a top ecommerce email marketing agency that works with both CBD and non-CBD brands. Since launching Boundless Labs in June of 2018, we’ve helped our clients send hundreds of millions of emails resulting in over $20 million in email attributable revenue. A few of our clients include: Namaste Technologies, Cannanine, The Chive, IBEX, Original Grain, and Vinyl Me Please.

Additionally, Chase, as briefly mentioned above, has tons of experience with cold email, having delivered millions of cold emails into users’ primary inbox. Lastly, he’s helped acquire millions of email subscribers for brands he’s built personally as well as for his client’s businesses.

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