April 11th at 10AM PST – 4PM PST

Keynote Speaker: Cody Alt (CEO of PureKana & Kushly)

The Elite Sellers Mastermind is bringing together some of THE top experts in the CBD industry. We are going to share the exact tips that have helped us thrive in good and bad times. 

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10:00AM PST

Matt Sibert Intro

10:15AM PST

Paul Booth – The Art Of Selling Without Selling | Brand Secrets

11:00AM PST

Sean Kemp – How To Write Killer Copy for Landing Pages and Websites

11:45AM PST

Patti Zanin – Creating a Sustainable Foundation For Your Business During Times of Chaos

12:30PM PST

Break / Q&A

01:00PM PST

Marty Marion – Brand Compliance and the Future of the CBD Industry

01:45PM PST

Aaron Nosbisch – How To Get Your CBD Facebook Ads Live Now

02:30PM PST

Cody Alt – My journey Launching and Scaling Pure Kana and Kushly

03:15PM PST

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Featured Speakers

Cody Alt

Cody Alt

Alt is  a serial-entrepreneur; in 2016, he launched Elevate Media, an agency specializing in social media management for cannabis-related businesses.  The company has been tapped by noted brands, including the nation’s largest dispensary – Reef Dispensaries.

In 2017, he started PureKana with an $18,000 investment and rapidly grew his customer base to over 20,000 in 7 months. Cody then went on to build Pure Kana into one of the biggest CBD brands in the business. By 2019 Pure Kana was partly acquired by HeavenlyRX for a hefty sum. Cody continues to build Pure Kana as well as his new project Kushly..

Patti Zanin

Patti Zanin

Patti has spent the last 5 years knee deep in Cannabis, specifically CBD Hemp. I have planted Hemp in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

I have Michigan, New York and West Virginia coming 2020. Each farm continues to have its own individual nuances based on growing zone, soil conditions, water and labor to name a few. I develop the transition plan and
SOP’s from “corn” or “cotton” to CBD Hemp helping the farm create sustainability.

It is my desire to work with an experienced and established Cannabis business that shares the same passion for the plant as I do. I would like to work in new business development that includes ‘field” work that puts me in direct contact with the plant regardless of its life cycle or
end use.

Sean Kemp

Sean Kemp

Sean Kemp’s deep understanding of human psychology has helped him write and direct multiple 7-figure controls in the health and supplement world. That’s why some of the top names in numerous industries trust Sean to direct and write million dollar sales letters, funnels, and ad campaigns. 

Paul Booth

Paul Booth

Paul is an ex drug busting [1.1 billion to be exact], pretend pirate military man turned CBD brand creator. Yes he switched sides…

Paul’s journey into branding started when Paul built his own Mens Health Award winning supplement brand to 7 figures organically all from the Twitter platform [back in the old days] teaching himself all the skills needed to make a brand look and communicate like a business that had a 7 figure budget but only had one guy and a Mac.

That journey and his 16 year military experience has taught Paul how to intrinsically understand the human mind when it comes to attraction and sales through the power of brand.

Pauls ideas and brands have helped entrepreneurs generate $480k on launch day, Add $1.3 million in revenue in 6 months and enable a 30 million a year brand add 30% more revenue in 12 months all through the power of brand.

Today Paul is creating some of the best brands in the CBD space giving sellers and entrepreneurs an unfair advantage against the competition with his unique opportunities and insight into creating global brands from the bottom up.

Aaron Nosbisch

Aaron Nosbisch

Aaron has pursued his intuitive passion for entrepreneurship, marketing, growth, and advertising wholeheartedly since launching his first company, a direct-2-consumer eCommerce clothing line, at the age of 13.

After studying Marketing at Palm Beach Atlantic University and Computer Science at Harvard University Extension School, he set down his studies to focus instead on his entrepreneurialventures.

Now 25, Aaron has co-founded and scaled numerous endeavors while driving over $22 Million in revenue for his projects and clients.

Marty Marion

Marty Marion

Marty Marion is a 35+ year veteran of marketing at the highest levels. Formerly a principal and senior executive of two of the world’s largest ad agencies (think “Mad Men” in the heyday of advertising), and executive management consultant on strategic planning and marketing for dozens of major brands, Marty originally developed The Positioning MatrixTM for private use for the benefit of his clients. Marty is a bottom-line driven marketer, familiar with virtually every channel of digital marketing, and has led brand marketing teams in multiple niches for more than two decades, including major brand names in retail, consumer products, healthcare, digital marketing and ecommerce. During his career, Marty has served as CEO of a private international ad and strategic planning agency, SVP and International Marketing Director for S&P (Standard & Poors), as well as being a principal in several family-owned businesses. Marty is and has been an admin and moderator of a number of the most significant digital marketing groups on Facebook, and is the founder and admin of the private Facebook group Master Positioning Insiders. 

Marty is a diplomate of the Arden House Executive Business Management Program of Columbia University Graduate School of Business, has served as a member of the Leader’s Council of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association of America), and is a Clio Awards winner for Advertising Excellence and Copywriting.