CBD Brand Messaging with Joey Percia

Joey Percia a highly sought-after strategic partner & rainmaker to established businesses. Joey partners with businesses to turn their database into an extra $25k-$125k+ in new sales per month without them lifting a finger.
With clients in multiple countries and 36 different industries, Joey’s helped generate multiple millions in sales in the last two years alone.

Unlike most agencies and service providers, Joey’s good enough at what he does that his partnerships are performance-based. Meaning, he covers expenses for management, tech, copywriting, etc, and does all the work to generate new sales. His partners only pay a percentage of the money Joey brings in. No big retainer fees, no risk, and no extra work.


Joey Percia suggests that when starting a CBD brand, the CBD brand messaging should focus on solving a specific problem for a particular group of people. He recommends framing the copy around this problem rather than trying to make the CBD brand unique or appealing based on its ingredients. He also suggests that most CBD brands miss the mark by not solving a problem for their customers and instead focusing on their ingredients. Percia recommends looking at the messaging from the perspective of the customer to determine if a problem is being solved.

CBD Brand Messaging can be simple when you step into the customers shoes & understand the problems they need solved and focus on the CBD Brand messaging that will alleviate and solve those problems.

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