7 Proven Brand Strategies with Paul Booth

Paul is an ex drug busting [1.1 billion to be exact], pretend pirate military man turned CBD brand creator.

Yes he switched sides…

The journey into branding started when Paul built his own Mens Health Award winning supplement brand to 7 figures organically all from the Twitter platform [back in the old days] teaching himself all the skills needed to make a brand look and communicate like a business that had a 7 figure budget but only had one guy and a Mac.

That journey and his 16 year military experience has taught Paul how to intrinsically understand the human mind when it comes to attraction and sales through the power of brand.

Pauls ideas and brands have helped entrepreneurs generate $480k on launch day, Add $1.3 million in revenue in 6 months and enable a 30 million a year brand add 30% more revenue in 12 months all through the power of brand.

Today Paul is creating some of the best brands in the CBD space giving sellers and entrepreneurs an unfair advantage against the competition with his unique opportunities and insight into creating global brands from the bottom up.

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